The Oakland Fire Department is hiring!!!!

The Oakland Fire Department is hiring entry level Firefighter
positions this month.  Applications must be picked up
November 26th and 27th and turned in on December 1st.  The
test DOES NOT require EMT (the first time in years that this has
happened).  For more information call the 24 Hour Job Hotline at
(510) 238-6465.  The city website is
and should soon have the job announcement HERE.

Violence continues in the Fruitvale

In what has been a violent few years in the Fruitvale, even
restaurants blocks from the fire house are at risk.  In this
incident 3 people were shot in an argument over a girlfriend of
one of the subjects.
A Shift on First Due Second Alarm

At 1840 hrs on October 6th, units responded for multiple reports
of an Apartment building on fire at 1533 33rd Ave in the
Fruitvale, and with reports of people burned.  13 Engine arrived
to find a 6 Unit apartment building with heavy fire from the A
side 1st floor and C side 2nd Floor, and immediately requested
a Second Alarm.  13 Engines crew, along with 4 Engine, 18
Engine and other surrounding companies, advanced lines into
the building, with searches being conducted simultaneously.  6
Truck with the assistance of 2 Truck opened up the roof.  
Extensive overhaul was conducted and units were out 3 hours.

Box Alarm - Engines 13, 4, 18 Truck 6 Batt 4
Second Alarm - Engines 17, 16, 29 Truck 2 Batt 3
C Shift on Second Alarm

August 17th - At around 1500 hours units were dispatched for a
reported storage facility on fire at 1515 MacArthur Blvd.  16
Engine arrived with smoke showing.  13 Engine was specialed
as the extra engine, and brought in a secondary water supply.  
13 Engine assisted with hose advancement, RIT and laddering
of the building.  The fire was difficult due to the type of
construction, and the lightweight materials.  Extensive overhaul
was required, as the fire had run the roof to adjacent units.

Box Alarm - Engines 16, 25, 4 Truck 2 Batt 4
Special Call - Engine 13
Second Alarm - Engines 10, 24, 18 Truck 6 Batt 2
A Shift on Apartment Fire

August 16th - At 0343 hours, units from the 4th Battalion were
alerted for a reported Apartment fire with people injured.  4
Engine arrived to find an Apartment Fire on the 2nd Floor and a
patient with smoke inhalation.  13 Engine assisted with outside
duties, RIT, and patient care for the injured party.

Box Alarm - Engines 4, 16, 13 Truck 2 Batt 4
B Shift on Small House Fire

August 5th - At 0543 Hours, units were alerted for a reported
house on fire at 1846 36th Ave.  Engine 13 arrived to find
multiple set fires in a vacant house.  The fire was quickly
extinguished, and the scene was left in the control of the Arson

Box Alarm - Engines 13, 18, 17, Truck 6 Batt 4
New Permanent Member

Engine Company 13 would like to welcome FF Heather
Mozdean who is newly assigned to the B Shift.  Heather comes
from 17 Engine on the A shift.  Welcome Heather!
The Senior Engineer of the Oakland Fire Department and
Engine Company 13  retires!!

Engineer Russ Warne, after more than 27 years in the Oakland
Fire Department, and more than 19 years as the Engineer at 13
Engine B Shift finally is taking the step into a WELL deserved
retirement.  Good Luck Russ!!  Russ was the longest serving
Engineer at Engine 13 in Oakland Fire Department history.  A
record that will probably never be broken.
His last Call?  A small Victorian Apartment Fire.

Good Luck Russ!!

So....It has been a while for long that it would
literally take hours to update with all of the events/fires/etc
that have happened in the last 8 months...SO we are
starting from August 5th for Updates....Sorry
Changes at Engine Company 13

The members of 13 Engine would like to congratulate
temporary 13 Engine member Chuck Gresher on his promotion
to Lieutenant.  Lt Gresher will be assigned to 17 Engine "The
Beavers" on the A Shift.  Good Luck Chuck!  Also, 13 Engine
welcomes Lt Daryl Liggins as the new "Loo" on the B Shift.  
Welcome to our world of sleepless nights in the Fruitvale.
Oakland Fire Department Mourns the Loss of Three Members

January 26th - The Oakland Fire Department is mourning the
LOD death of Lt. Kevin Reed (picture on left), recently retired
Batt Chief Angelo Primus (picture on right), and retired Asst.
Chief Walt Nielsen.  Lt Reed was a 17 year veteran of the OFD,
and passed away while at a gym on Jan 20th, immediately after
coming off of a 72 hour shift, and house fire less than 10 hours
before.  Kevin was a highly regarded LT, FF and member of
both the department and IAFF Local 55 Executive Board.  On
Jan 24th, BC Primus who had retired less than 4 months earlier,
passed away at his home in the afternoon.  Angelo was also a
highly respected member of the department, and will be
missed by not only the department, but his multiple relatives in
the Oakland Fire Department, including his cousin, 13 Engine's
A Shift Engineer, Maurice Miranda.  Asst. Chief Nielsen retired
many years ago, but was another highly respected member of
the OFD, whose son, Capt. Bruce Nielsen carries on the
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